RESULTS: 9th Grade Repeaters

LLike the transition into school in kindergarten, successful transition into and through ninth-grade is important for students’ chances of graduating from high school. More students are retained in 9th grade than any other grade in the K-12 school system.59 Further, repeating 9th grade is an important predictor of dropping out of high school. For some students, ninth grade retention takes place after entering high school unprepared for the rigors of high-school level work. However, research shows that some students who are successful through 8th grade fall “off-track” in 9th grade and become at-risk of dropping out of high school in the 9th grade year.60 Evidence from evaluations of preschool programs, including Virginia and other state preschool programs, has shown positive effects of program participation on a variety of factors – better student attendance, test score gains, and reduced retention rates in middle and high school.

Number and Percentage of 9th Graders Retained, Virginia, 2005-2015

SOURCE: Virginia Department of Education.

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